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Quitting Smoking

My body feels like electrified concrete. My mind isn't working. I've ingested about 50 % a pound of Jelly Belly's already. Even the licorice flavored ones. Hey! Am 27yrs old from india, this makes 7 weeks of quit. i went frosty turkey, and am motivated never to take this habit again. i needed to know abt my blackend lip area since i used to be smoking going back 12 yrs continously approx 10 cigs a times. i wanna get my green lips back. HOW? any remedy? or it will happen naturally? while some portion of my mouth already discoloring and i could see baby red color lips immerging through the dead skin. but its at the area where both lips touch each other not on the external part.
Herbs : Many herbs have been studied as a method for smoking cessation, including lobelia and St John's wort ,. 116 117 The results are inconclusive, but St. Johns Wort shows few unfavorable incidents. Lobelia has been used to treat respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis, and has been used for smoking cessation because of chemical similarities to tobacco; lobelia is currently outlined in the FDA's Poisonous Flower Databases. 118 Lobelia can be within many products sold for smoking cessation and should be used with caution.
Some Background: Corresponding to my cardiologist, I do have no structural heart disease and have possessed a stress echo, and two regular echos, and holter monitoring (generally for tachycardia issues). I've been told that smoking can mask actual illness, and I'm needs to wonder if I should go back to my cardiologist and talk to him about these new symptoms. I'm only 38 years old, but I smoked for approximately 22 years.quit smoking resources queensland
Thanks you a whole lot for this site. I gave up just over 5 weeks ago, by using a vaporiser. I had been a an super light cigarette smoker so am using the cheapest nicotine fluid available. For the first little while I didn't really notice any symptoms but now i've incredibly painful hip and legs, even after just ten minutes or so walking they burn like crazy and do not stop even when i am relaxing. My other warning sign is sense like i am stoned all the time! i feel very despondent, irritable and discover it significantly difficult to focus on anything at work. Its been reassuring to learn here that others have experienced and got over similar symptoms but my question is shouild i be experiencing these easily am not actually giving up nicotine? My idea now could be to stop with the vaporiser but i'm terrified the pain and depression will get even worse. thanks for just about any thoughts.
I am on day 17 , after smoking 1/2-1ppd for 30 yrs. Halloween was my last drag wahoo….. I have been using the patch I decided to go with to begin at step 2 2 (14mg) which is doing very well, I noticed fairly bad urges on days and nights 12-15 but I make an effort to bear in mind why I leave, take profound breaths and suck on mints. Up to now no backsliding!!! I walk daily now at the job on lunch rather than smoking and it helps.
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